Here is what you can do:
1. Turn in your Box Tops before or on the deadline, usually the last Thursday of the month.
2. Download the app -
3. Clip your Box Tops. Every Box Top counts!
4. Make it easy on your Box Top rep by cutting them neatly (along the dashed pink lines). You ca
 turn them in to your teacher in baggies or envelopes! We just want you to turn them in, so don't worry about counting them or labeling your baggies/envelopes!
5. Check the expiration dates!
6. Help get your teacher excited about box tops and getting the info out to the classroom!
7. Join us for Box Top Counting Parties at 8:00am in the Community Room! See the dates and Sign-Up linked below to join us!  ANY APPROVED VOLUNTEER is welcome to join us! 
Turn in your Box Tops on Box Tops Counting Parties
November 29 November 30
January 31 February 1
February 28 March 1
March 28 March 29
April 17 April 18
May 23 May 24