Volunteers Needed for Move-A-Thon 
Move-A-Thon is Wednesday, April 18th. Each grade level will warm up in the gym, receive a tracking card to record their laps, and then head outside to the track. They will be given 20 minutes to walk or jog laps with their friends while listening to music proved by DJ David Garza! Volunteers and teachers will monitor the students, help count laps, and provide water. At the end of the 20 minutes students will turn in their cards and laps will be counted.
Move A Thon 2018 Schedule:
8:00-8:45 1st Grade
8:35-9:20 Kinder
9:10-9:55 2nd Grade
9:45-10:30 3rd Grade
10:50-11:35 5th Grade
11:25- 12:10 4th Grade
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Teacher Lunch Coverage

Our wonderful teachers will be out on the track for Move-A-Thon on Wednesday, April 18th, so we are in need of volunteers to cover their lunch duties. We'd love for them to be able to have a duty free break. We need 4 people to watch each lunch. To help make it easier, a movie will be played so that the kiddos are focused on that.

If you would like to serve during your child's lunch, the times are listed below:
10:35-11:05 Kinder lunch
11:05-11:35 1st grade Lunch
11:35-12:05 5th grade lunch
11:50-12:20 2nd grade lunch
12:10-12:40 4th grade lunch
12:35-1:05 3rd grade lunch 
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